Growing up in the 70's in Morrilton was fun!  Wow never thought I would hear myself say that.  I went to school just like everyone else, and found things to do.  I got involved in acting when I was in the 10th grade.  That was when I did my very first show Little Shop Of Horrors.  I was Hooked.  I graduated from Morrilton High school and started college at the University of central Arkansas where, believe it or not, I majored in theater.
     After college I got married and My wife and I headed to Chicago Illinois where I lived and worked doing various projects for twelve years. I got the chance to work with Styx front man Dennis Deyoung,  Jeff Garland and Sarah Silverman.
Here is a shot of my  brothers and I back in the 1970's In Morrilton Arkansas.  I am the baby that is being held up ( against his will) to the camera 

Look I have hair!...well a wig